Thoroughbred and Equine Rehoming services

Our mission

Throughout the years PSEC has become one of Lexington's most active facilities in offering homes to equines in need. Our hope is to keep unwanted or neglected horses from ending up in the slaughter pipe line. We believe all horses need a chance, but to ensure we are able to place our horses in proper homes we do have a small requirement list.  Our program has been very successful in providing proper homes for otherwise at risk horses. Keep in mind, PSEC is NOT a 501c. Everything we do is out of our own pockets. 

What breeds do we accept ?

Any! All horses deserve a chance. We do primarily accept Thoroughbreds right off the track, but often will attend auctions and small private sales to find diamonds in the rough. All horses we bring onto the farm will be handled and trained by youth students in our program. Some of these students would be unable to learn about horses due to funds if it wasnt for our program. Usually if any profit is made on the sale of our horses we use those funds to rescue other horses in need, or help fund these students to attend summer camp programs hosted at our facility. 

How do I purchase/adopt a PSEC horse?

Our sales/adoptions are all sold under a "no slaughter/auction" agreement. Buyers may purchase horses as resale projects, but are required to ensure they are resold to good homes only. We do our best to feel out all prospective buyers and will only sell a horse if we feel it is a good fit for both the horse and buyer. We welcome pre purchase exams prior to sale as well as test rides on most horses. We try to be as transparent as possible on all sales so there are no surprises for the new owner. We feel strongly that advertising the flaws of the horse is as important as the good attributes in order to find the right owner. 

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

How do I place my horse in the program?

A majority of the horses we have in our sale/rehome program come from auctions or homes that could no longer afford to feed their horse. However , we do often have Thoroughbreds who have retired from racing placed into our program that just need a safe home. We do accept a limited number of horses into the program to ensure they are well cared for and handled prior to finding a new home. The requirements to be accepted into the program are very easy. The horse must be at least green broke to ride, sound to be ridden, and no intact males or in foal mares. All horses upon arrival will be evaluated and will either be placed up for sale right away, or will spend some time in training if needed. PSEC is not a 501c, however any funds we gain off these horses is placed back into the program so we can help horses in need of rescuing. Our youth students do help train and care for all of our sale horses.